Louise Ferguson of team Descent World

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Louise Ferguson

It's not fair to call Louise an out and out bike rider. She is, but she's also rad on a snowboard, scuba diving, sailing, climbing...it goes on. She hails from Fort William and fully lives the outdoor life to the full. Oh yeah, and she can backflip her hardtail. Ney bad likes, ney bad.

Race Category: Elite.

Michael ``Skinny`` Easton.

Ahh, Skinny Mick. What can I say? Mechanic on Newcastle's West Gate hill by day, Pinner at any other moment. Hardly races, but has a knack of winning when he does. Can tell you some proper stories too....buy him a rum and coke first.

Race Category: Masters

Tommy Wilkinson of DWAgency

Tommy Wilkinson

The long retired race head turned team manager story is played out, but it's true.

Riding with one arm, often with a camera pack on his back and listening to early J5 on repeat, Tommy is hard to miss. After wining and podium places at SDA races till he was 21, Tommy had a ``canny bad smash`` aged 24. He lost the use of his right arm, and took up photography as a hobby he did away from his marketing manger job. The rest is in the past. We're keen to see what the future holds for this one armed bandit.