Team Descent-World Cutting about Northumberland

Not known as a particularly vibrant riding destination, Northumberland holds some hidden gems. The Naughty Northumbrian with it’s mix of classic Northumbrian riding and Forestry plantation trails has put it on the map a little , but there’s heaps more……

Berwick Upon Tweed

My old street riding haunt, with a decent set of trails and just a mega place to be on a summers day. Mick seemed to quite like it.

Berwick upon Tweed Dirt jumps on the Radon Slush
Where did all the trails go man? Still nothing better than hardtail and dirt jumps on a sunny day. These one’s in Berwick need some TLC and are quite small, but by July they should be jumping.

Berwick is a funny old town. It’s got loads of history and should be prosperous…but it’s not. It’s further north than a fair chunk of Scotland but is in England. It has a terrible average wage and the school is in special measures. I probably only mention that other stuff because I care, I was brought up here. BUT if you just want to ride your bike at jumps and street riding, then it’s pretty mint.

Alfie. Loves it!

Kyloe (ish)

The must have accessory for a mountain bike rider? Or just a stoked dog out with its master. Alfie on full gas.

Where I took Mick next was an old ride I used to do from my door. You can see the coast to your east, and the Cheviot Massif to the West. It’s pretty awesome and if you make it the full 10 mile loop there’s pretty good single track, real Northumbrian open moorland stuff.

Rothbury (ish)

Taking photos of bikes in Northumberland is not easy. It’s pretty political and creating any content without spending a fortune travelling north is hard. But if we ignore that, the riding is good. So that’s probably why you don’t see any Vloggers etc… round here, ‘cos they’d get nailed for filming, stoned and sent to live out their days at Uswayford.

But, it’s a trade off right? We like it a bit quiet, we’re a proud and stoic folk (probably after fighting more wars than any other county – there’s castles everywhere, crazy Geordies to the South and Scot’s on every other side ha!) and if we get un crowded trails and no flash coffee shops…we can live with that.

We only covered three spots, but if you look closer there’s good riding at Wooler, Alwinton has some classic Northumbrian rides in real vast country side and Hexhamshire has a few cheeky spots as well. We’ll be doing some videos pretty soon showing what the area has to offer for the day visitor, just make sure you leave straight away 😉

martyn gray

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