Sponsor focus: The Vittoria Mota and Martello

One thing we need to be clear about – this is not a review. Vittoria help fund the DWClub team so naturally, a review would be biased and unethical  This is more us telling you what we think about the tyres, and why we it’s RAD to have such a good sponsor supporting a British crew. From that point on, you can make up your own mind on the tyres.

From the video above, you can see that Mick is a good rider and a mechanic which gives him a better understanding of things than many elite racers.

Generally, the riders (Louise, Mick, James ) have been enjoying the Mota up front, with the Martello out back. We also have the Morsa tyre in our stable which is a fast rolling dry tyre, quite similar to say, a High Roller, but we are going to look at our preferred combo here – the Mota and the Martello.

The Mota.

This is our year round tyre of choice. Like it’s siblings in the Enduro range, It comes with the same Vittoria technology and compound that you can expect to find in all their higher tier range tyres; 4C compound, Graphene Technology, TNT sidewall and tubeless ready.

James Purvis ran this tyre all year in all conditions and chose it over any other model in the range. It’s taller side knobs and wide spacing give it a Magic Mary style feel, but without the drag associated the Schwable favourite. The Graphene in the tyre increases rolling speed with quite an unbelievable difference. We tested this out with a simple roll down Westgate Hill in Newcastle, and the Vittoria was quicker than other brands we tested against.

If you’re unsure how the tyre stack up under intense riding, there really isn’t a better yard stick than James. He won the Naughty Northumbrian by a clear 40seconds over Scotty Mears and took 8th in the British Enduro Championships despite an extremely unfavourable seeding that left him passing an average of 3 riders per stage.

We’ve been running between 21-25psi with no problems at all.

In short it’s capable of going hard – though we would recommend using an Air-Liner when pushing really hard. The tyres are lighter than most other brands and we’ve noticed that when pushed really hard (If you’re a mid pack racer this probably won’t affect you) without the air-liner they fold ever so slightly. Insert the Air-Liner and the folding disappears, along with the risk of punctures. We’ve finished runs on the Air-Liner without problems.



Where we would we use them?

The Mota works on all terrain, but definitely favours natural style terrain where riders are looking to push the tyre further into the turn. Think of sections on the Golfie at Innerleithen, Naughty Northumbrian and any Scottish Enduro  race.


James racing to 8th in the British National Champs. Photo: Ian Linton



The Martello.



This is our spring to summer tyre of choice. It comes with the same Vittoria technology and compound that you can expect to find in all their higher tier range tyres; 4C compound, Graphene Technology, TNT sidewall and tubeless ready

As a note, these are also the easiest tyres we’ve ever had to seat on a rim.

The tread pattern is compact and rounded, which gives the tyre a Minion feel to it, but we feel it rolls faster while retaining the same grip level.  Like anything new, it took a while to get used to the feeling of the tyre, but within a few rides we saw KOM’s start popping up (We admit it, we do occasionally Strava….on non strava lines) so we knew they were good.

“It has a pretty perfect cornering angle to it. It has a more rounded profile than other brands, so if you’re pushing hard you can be using the whole of the tyre to push, rather than just the edge of a nobble. It’s definitely confidence inspiring where cornering speeds are important, and even performs well on trail centre terrain, but it’s on natural terrain that it comes into its own”



The other thing we can’t ignore, is that they look the Dog’s Nuts. Despite what you say, everyone loves a bike that looks nice, and these have set our team Bergamont Encore’s off a treat.

Where we would we use them?

The Martello works for us on dry, loose terrain. Think of sections on the Golfie at Innerleithen, The wooded sections at a dry Naughty Northumbrian and possibly if you were a late runner at ‘Ard Rock, once things had got choppy.

What do they cost?

You can buy Vittoria across Britain at your local bike shops that have accounts with Zyro Fisher.






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