SDA finals and Scottish Championships – Fort William

They say that you must keep your own house in order before you start to venture further afield, and with that in mind it was great to see a raft of WC riders at the Scottish Championships at Fort William last weekend.

The track had undergone some interesting changes at the top of the course, with an entirely new, fresh cut section put in. The older generation may remember when the entire track was like this, but it certainly made people a little apprehensive on Saturday morning!

With this wet, boggy and tricky section taking up a decent amount of track time it would be interesting to see if it affected the outcome of the race come Sunday evening.

With World Cup podium racer Reece Wilson at the race, joined by flyers such as Kenta Gallagher and George Gannicot showing their face, it would be interesting to see if King of the SDAs, Ben Cathro, could keep up his mantle.

Winners of the respective categories were:

Elite men:

1 Reece WILSON 4:42.734 –
2 George GANNICOTT 4:42.764 0.030s
3 Kenta GALLAGHER 4:46.234 3.500s
19+ Women

1 Mikayla PARTON 6:07.425 –
2 Cairn BELL 6:17.442 10.017s
3 Louise FERGUSON 6:18.301 10.876s

Expert men

1 Joe BARNES (elt) 4:59.463 –
2 Calum MCBAIN 5:03.881 4.418s
3 Calum MCGEE 5:04.640 5.177s
Juvenile men

1 William BRODIE. 5:16.203 –
2 Douglas GOODWILL 5:37.797 21.594s
3 Lewis DUNCAN 5:44.595 28.392s

Youth men

1 Luke MUMFORD 5:00.079 –
2 Chris CUMMING 5:01.904 1.825s
3 Ryan BRANNEN 5:03.517 3.438s
Junior men

1 Jake EBDON. 5:07.635 –
2 Tom WILSON (jun) 5:14.437 6.802s
3 Adam BEATY 5:16.935 9.300s

Junior women

1 Phoebe GALE. 6:36.051 –
2 Tea JENSEN 6:38.337 2.286s
3 Karra LAING 7:40.071 1:04.020
Senior men

1 Jon STOUT 5:15.615 –
2 James SHIRLEY. 5:16.085 0.470s
3 Jack MCCALLUM 5:22.188 6.573s

Master men

1 Alan BLYTH 5:22.490 –
2 Jason SHILL 5:25.985 3.495s
3 Andrew CAMERON (mas) 5:37.816 15.326s
Verteran men

1 John YOUNG (vet) 5:11.812 –
2 Mark NEAL (vet2) 5:19.730 7.918s
3 Alastair MACLENNAN (gvet) 5:22.162 10.350s

Open men

1 Mathew WOODALL. 6:12.400
2. Evan MACDONALD (yth). 6:18.114 5.714s
3 Kyle ARNOLD 6:32.331 19.931s

Tommy Wilkinson

"I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve" - But I do love bikes.

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