Scottish talent: Kai Bremner

Kai Bremner has been on our radar for a while now – he’s a quiet youth rider from Inverness who lets his riding do the talking. Kai has been racking up some great results this year riding for the Sick Skills development team and also cutting loose on the trails around his native highlands. Kai sure can slam a turn and cut some shapes in the air, which we are great appreciative of!

Part of an emerging group of fresh Scottish talent we asked Kai a few questions in a short sharp interview – we didn’t want to keep him long in summer when the trails are there to be slayed.

Descent-World: Can you tell us your name, age, and where you come from?

My names Kai Bremner, I’m 15 years young and i’m from Inverness.

Descent-World : How long have you been racing?

I’ve been racing bikes for about 3 years now.

Descent-World: What inspired to start racing downhill?

I dunno, I guess after buying a downhill bike I thought the next logical step was to enter a downhill race and see if I was any good haha.

Descent-World: You’re at most of the SDA races – what makes them so good?

The SDA races are mint, the tracks are always good and usually have fresh, new sections to mix things up a bit. It’s always chill, and sometimes you forget you’re actually racing haha!

Youth pinner Kia Bremner

Descent-World: Favourite track and why?

Gotta be Fort William, just such a classic track, and there’s something satisfying about riding the same track you see every year at the world cup. The local trails are sick as well, all the boys put in so much work up there.

Descent-World: Who’s your favourite rider to watch and who do you look up to?

Gotta be either Danny Hart or Laurie Greenland, sooo sick to watch those boys ride, I look up to Greg Williamson, Kenta Gallagher and Ronan Taylor, seeing how good they are on a bike from riding the same trails as me gives you a bit of hope haha.

Descent-World: Do you do anything else aside from ride and race?

I’ve recently been doing a bit of skateboarding, let’s just say i’m not exactly Tony Hawk.

Descent-World: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Landing flat and bottoming out?

Descent-World: How many hours a day do you sped on Instagram and who’s account should we be following?

I spend faaaarrrr too long scrolling through Instagram, and Nick Pescetto’s page… definitely worth a follow.

Descent-World: Favourite style set up – factory or flannel shirt?

Flannel, 100%.

Descent-World: Lastly, boost or scrub?


Tommy Wilkinson

"I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve" - But I do love bikes.

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