Perth Fair City Enduro.

As far as end of summer season races go , the Fair City Enduro run by Muckmedden events, and based near the centre of Perth must rank as one of the best.

Utilising terrain that is loved by locals and revered by those who’ve ventured here before, this 6 Stage Enduro race manages to cater for beginners through to EWS regulars, fancy dress champions with factory Jackson’s and everyone in between.

“Blind races” are a rare beast these days, and 365 riders seemed to agree that this is an event worth spending the hard earned penny’s on.

With racers arriving early on Saturday for this one day – mad dash event , the race village was full of vendors and the coffee and pizza stalls seemed to be extremely well received.

The first wave set off at 09.30 and were treated to a very slippy stage 1 where grip was at a premium – many a costume took first scuffs on the the steep, rutted chute near the start. The Muckmedden events have a reputation for fun stages but all 6 stages on this race had their own tricky and challenging parts to the point that even the top riders had to be on their toes.

This made for some cracking laughs and even the racers who were finding it tough still had huge grins on their faces – the route utilised a fairly compact route so transitions were short.

When it came down to racing the times were fairly tight but stage minutes proved this to be a good value race – the fastest male rider Joe Barnes clocked a remarkable 12.21 and overall female winner, and 118 operator , Louise Ferguson a 15.37 .

Read on below to see how all the action and race unfolded on this autumnal day…..

There were a range of fancy dress outfits on show – some of our favourites were the three jockey’s, the mario kart crew and this effort from overall female winner Louise Ferguson who put in a barn storming ride (no pads and all…)

Despite being sunny to start the day, there were still plenty of patches of water lying around….

Awesome to see the now legendary Marshal 6, formerly known as Ian Jones, out on course. Jonesy, who spends most of his time giving back to th e sport, got between the tapes for the first time in four years and took home 3rd in Grand Vets.

There were some patches of warm sun just before lunch, and on the open sections of stage 2 riders had a few places where they could let off the brakes and “give it beans, not brakes…”

This chute on stage 4 got a bit tasty in the rain, with more than a few riders knackered from the sniper burst climb a few hundred metres before. Like most of stages, the key was to stay off the brakes and push the tyre for grip.

Ed Yearsley, left, took a good win in his class, and the guy on the right gave us a fantastic ballet display of perfect foot-camera position on stage 4….

Isla Short was impressive in her race to third in the senior female category, proving that XC racing isn’t a bad background for Enduro racing after all.

The man of the hour, Top Chief, Joe Barnes. The EWS regular loves the Muckmedden events, and took his second win at one the races this year. Joe was calm and collected out on course and where others were fast but ragged, Joe was floating between the tapes. Young racers take note!

For more Muckmedden events, please follow their Facebook page here – There will be a video from the event uploaded there in the next few days.

Full result can be found here on Roots and Rain.

Tommy Wilkinson

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