Mountain Fuel pre Naughty Northumbrian race guide

NB: This article is a sponsored post from our friends at Mountain Fuel.

Who we are:

Mountain Fuel® is a small independent sports nutrition company based in the beautiful national park of the Lake District. We are a minimal team of outdoor enthusiasts who have a real passion for endurance sports and performance nutrition. We live and breathe what we do and have designed products that are based around science while working effectively across a variety of disciplines.

Our fuelling system:

At present Mountain Fuel® is a 4-product sports nutrition system (new exciting products coming our very soon) designed to provide the body with the nutrition and energy to cope with any type of intense physical activity. Our system provides sustained energy, hydration, and precise recovery whilst providing essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids which your body needs to train, perform, and recover optimally. Utilizing the whole system will take the guesswork out of your fuelling strategy needs, and if you wish to, then individual elements of the system may be used on an individual basis, as and when needed.

The 4-product system has been designed to be used in conjunction with one another and includes the following products:

Mountain Fuel Night Fuel™ – Ideal as a night-cap the evening before an event to ensure you are ready the following morning to perform or as a post event evening recovery.
Mountain Fuel Morning Fuel™ – The perfect light meal before your endurance endeavour. Morning Fuel is easy to mix with hot or cold water or milk and can also be used to make fantastic on the go snacks (recipes on our website).
Mountain Fuel Xtreme Energy Fuel™ – Perfectly balanced with a mix of fast acting and slow-release sustained energy, includes electrolytes, vitamins and amino acids to aid performance and ensure your muscles are being fuelled with what they need and not just a carb or electrolyte hit.
Mountain Fuel Ultimate Recovery Fuel™ – Quite simply one of the tastiest and most effective recovery products on the market when mixed with milk. Helps in the essential process of muscle repair & recovery so that you can train and compete again sooner. Can also be used mid race (with water) on longer endurance based rides as it has a good carb to protein ratio to ensure energy provision while ensuring the recovery process kicks in avoiding heavy DOMS post race.

For more information on our products, and how you can benefit from using our fuelling system please visit us at: where you can get a 15% discount using the code Naughty15

A selection of Current Mountain Fuel® athletes and ambassadors (It’s worth noting all our athletes / ambassadors purchase Mountain Fuel) : Chris Stirling – (winner of Canada-Man Triathlon-2017, Celtman Scottish Extreme Triathlon-2017, Windermere Triathlon-2016, Ben Nevis Triathlon-2016)
Llellwyn Holmes – (winner of Snowman Long course Triathlon 2017)
Sam Steele – (2nd at the Full X Ultra Distance Triathlon 2017)
Michael Jones – (Two time winner of the Lakeland 100 ultra-marathon 2016 & 17)
Casper Kaars Sijpesteijn – (winner and CR holder Lakeland 50 ultra-marathon 2017)
Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn – (female winner and CR holder Lakeland 50 ultra-marathon 2017)

Fuelling the ‘Naughty Northumbria Enduro’

Whether you are taking on the 3-stage, 11-mile ‘Enduro Lite’, or the full ‘Naughty’ 6-stage, 22-mile race you will need to consider your nutrition.

For those taking on the shorter of the two events, your nutritional considerations should primarily be focused on your evening meal the night before the race (medium-high carbohydrate intake), a pre-sleep snack/drink, Mountain Fuel Night Fuel™ is ideal about 30-minutes before bed, and then Mountain Fuel Morning Fuel™ with chopped banana and maple syrup makes for the perfect pre-race breakfast. Sipping an energy fuel with breakfast and or on the way to the event will ensure your system is topped up and hydrated for the off.

Also, remember to continually keep on top of your hydration levels, especially if it’s looking likely to be a hot day. Carry a pre-mixed bottle of Mountain Fuel Xtreme Energy Fuel™ during your event too and sip throughout the non-timed sections to ensure glycogen levels are topped up and your able to stay sharp and focussed on the descents as carbs also feed brain function.
After finishing either race, have Recovery Fuel as soon as you can to help begin the muscle repair & recovery phase which will be needed, and well deserved after such gruelling events. As we’ve said the recovery fuel tastes fantastic but will make a huge difference to how you feel the next day.

We’ll be at the event to answer any questions and also have a feed station on the Naughty so if you’d like to try Mountain Fuel in advance you can use the following code for a 15% discount – Naughty15 on

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