James Shirley – Ben Lomond and The evening chase.

Take one bike, a man jetting off to Italy the next day and a timescale that was ballistic to say the least.

When James Shirley rang Descent-World HQ at 2 pm on a sunny afternoon, we didn’t expect to be trying to shoot a video till 1 pm on a Scottish mountain that same evening. We like to plan things, have structures – We did our best in the 3 hour drive north to make a plan – this was definitely not that but would we change it if we could? Proably not.

Ben Lomond is simply one of those rides – a rite of passage if you like. Being there on near the longest day of year was a sight to behold, the views were incredible but we had a problem. We didn’t get to the summit.

Not reaching the summit was a bit of a tough decision to make. We were close, but the light was already fading and if we’d headed to the summit we’d have been filming the entire descent in the dark, which we didn’t much fancy given we only had one head torch between us all!

Soon, it was looking like this could be a bit of a car crash. We decided that we simply had to start rolling and get what we could.

” The original plan was to do a sunrise mission but we were following the weather forecast and it looked miserable for the next few weeks… The only good spell of weather we had was right there, right then, that evening! It’s so exciting doing things on the spur of the moment. We rocked up to Ben Lomond and I couldn’t believe just how great the light was. The sky was beautiful. We were still up the mountain as the sun was setting and so we had an interesting night time descent to deal with on the way back down. It’s safe to say that we made life difficult for ourselves but it was one of those adventures that you never forget”
—James Shirley. Identiti Factory Enduro Rider

Once we were rolling we were starting to move a bit – James was thundering and the light, while now pretty much gone, was lingering in the distance and the views were incredible.

This might not be our best crafted video ever, but it is kind of real – it’s like those nights when you finish work, race out, desperate to ride before it gets dark, and you get a puncture – you end up riding home in the dark, a bit miffed. But, you get in, have a cuppa and reflect and realise you’ve just had a shit load of fun!


Notes: This project was funded by Identiti and produced by Descent-World sister company dw-agency.co.uk

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