Interference : A short with Ryan Middleton

Ryan Middleton is a name you probably haven’t heard of if you’re living outside Scotland. But, just because you haven’t heard of someone, that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth knowing about.

Ryan is a quiet kid from Dundee with an old school approach to things. He loves to build features on his own accord, and while you may see him cutting laps in Whistler bike park with the best of them, he takes a great deal of pride in putting spade to dirt. Its kind of a right of passage that we all have to go through, building trails that is, but Ryan has kept it going, often in solitude in the hills above his home.

The features you see in the edit above are the culmination of months of hard work building, and while many young riders choose to broadcast their lives through Instagram, Ryan has kept these features under lock and key. We liked that.

Like all of us, Ryan takes pride in having ownership of his labours and by taking this approach he allowed us to create a riding edit unlike any to come out of Scotland in a wee while. The last one we noticed was also from Ryan. Bike big, big jumps – it’s refreshing to see that the spirit for   creating lines that make a downhill bike relevant outside of racing is still alive.

This is Ryan’s Interference – Bringing the relevance of the DH bike in the UK back.

When Ryan asked us if we would do an edit with him, I’ll be honest; I was a little skeptical. There are millions of banging riding edits out there; literally. We’ve become sanitised to amazing riding, and as such Descent World is about telling stories about people as that’s what we enjoy and it’s a bit different; not churning out riding web edits that you can find online, anywhere, at any time.

However, Ryan’s vision was such that it sparked something off, and after a few trips to Dundee we decided we should do it. Ryan has a creative streak inside him, not just for riding, but he has an eye for detail that he wants to see brought to life through motion.

“I think, just from the amount of Coastal Crew and Trek C3 videos I have watched over the years, as well as that kind of riding not really existing in Scotland, I thought it would be a challenge to give it a go and see what we could create”

The next problem was finding time between a stacked out client schedule. Ryan was chomping at the bit, desperate to get in front of lens before the woods became classic Scottish slop for 9 months. As it was we had a scheduled shoot cancelled due to a rider injury and the door was suddenly open .

Often, on commercial shoots there are constraints to how much time we can put into a shoot – budget dictates time we can spend on something, expectation, what the client wants etc……Most projects we create focus around concepts that we present to clients but again, there are limiting factors .

Ryan is unsponsored so as such had created this line for his own personal pleasure . There were no constraints, time frames or budgetary demands hanging over him.

What this meant is that we really did get a true reflection of what Ryan is into.

Scotland definitely has a thriving and growing scene, but DH bikes have become a rare beast, despite the gravity fed riders being tight-knit and the SDA feeding the need that many have.

Trail bikes are RAD, but there’s nothing quite like using a DH bike for what it was intended.


Big jumps, slamming turns and pushing boundaries; That’s what Ryan is all about.


DWAgency produced this project, visit the website here.

Tommy Wilkinson

"I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve" - But I do love bikes.

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