Experience: Tweedlove Whyte British Enduro Championships

What can you say about Tweedlove that hasn’t been said before?

Superlatives fall short; for this has to be the outstanding cycling festival in the UK currently running. It’s inclusive – yet draws riders of exclusive standards; It’s fun, light hearted yet slick and well presented; and it’s transformational – what its done for cycling in the Peebles area is enormous.

There are so many events happening – the G7, The Gritduro, Skinny Tweed – the list goes on, but our focus is on the Whyte British Enduro Champs.

This was a big one on the Enduro calendar and it showed in the entries – Katy Winton, Lewis Buchanan, Ruaridh Cunnigham, Joe Barnes , Bex Baraona and Mark Scott in attendance, there was some serious fire power on show between the Sitka of the famous Tweed Valley descents.

Classic terrain was order of the day – names like Waterworld, 39 steps and Repeat Offender  caused excitement in those with the skills and trepidation for those more used to trail centre than natural.

Ian Linton, one of the Valley’s most famous son’s takes over from here with some classic bangers….

Descent-World team rider James Purvis has a reputation as a hot head – but he’s simply hungry, passionate and wants to win. And there’s more to him than meets the eye – he’s enviro conscious, has ideals and is about to start a chemical engineering degree. At just 19, his 8th place in senior , after a day of overtaking in heavy traffic, was a solid result.
Demo bike days are huge – and as such it was great to see just about every big brand supporting the hard work that events organisers put in. Remember, without these organisers we have no sport and festival type events. Drawing in these non racers added a huge buzz to the arena.
A pre race favourite. Ruaridh might only just be on Enduro full time now, but remember he has won EWS stages was back in 2014. We knew the battle between him and Lewis Buchanan would be intense, but two have only two seconds difference over 16 minutes was incredible. Amazing riding from these two proven world class riders.


Ready to roll in front of the large assembled crowds – buzzing!


The Descent-World team know how to enjoy an Enduro! Well worth a watch.

“Garn Gary! Forrest was flying and only bested in masters by Joe Barnes. Now back working full time, Gary still has some sharp race pace and surprises the younger riders who don’t know who he is. A few ate humble pie this weekend….
Polly Henderson is fast. Really fast. At just 17, she won the juniors and would have been 3rd overall. There’s a future there!


Stressful, long days and more. Running the Naughty Northumbrian , I empathise with this crew. Good work team.


Bex. What a win. Katy was clearly the favourite, and granted she had a rough day, but it’s not over tills it over, and Bex took the victory.


Celebration time. Bex, flanked by Katy Winton and Polly Henderson.


Skinny Mick railing the turns on stage 2. Some top times ( He won stage s1 and 2) before a rear mech explosion ended his day. Never mind, that’s racing!





Flying. Lew wanted this one, and under intense pressure all day, he took the overall by the slimmest of margins. It was fantastic spectating – seeing a ding dong battle rage through the valley all day long really hammered home the future of enduro. Your 2018 National Champ.


Tommy Wilkinson

"I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve" - But I do love bikes.

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