Bike Check: Bergamont Encore Elite

This year has seen  the first year of the return of the DW team – So far we’ve had an SES victory and three podiums from Louise Ferguson  and James Purvis has been winning stages left right and centre in Enduro’s – once he gets a bit used to the format and how to approach it, he’ll be flying.

This coming weekend all three riders will be at the UK Enduro champs at Tweedlove, so don’t be afraid to pop by the Bergamont booth and say hello and ask any questions .

Anyway, we get asked loads of questions about Bergamont – mainly “Who?” – but they are a brand that you should know more about. Not only are the bikes quality bits of kit, they have a raw attitude that we love. They don’t shout too loud, but they make it count when they do.

We’re also on the mind blowing Vittoria tyres this year – an unexpected triumph and following function over fashion. These things are incredible – the mixture of a 4C Graphene lined compound, a good range of tread patterns and the TNT sidewall meant they roll fast, edge well and go onto the rim better than anything we’ve ever had to mount onto a rim. Plus, that grey sidewall looks cooler than any tire on the market.



The geometries of the Encore are shown below:

Mick is running his Martello and Morsa tyres tubeless on his Ridge Carbon Pro wheels with 24 PSI in the front and 26 PSI in the rear.  We’ve had one tyre burp this year, and this was largely due to the fact that no sealant had been put in it with it, otherwise we’re confident that the air pressure would have stayed high and allowed James to press on through the stage.

We’ve also been running the more aggressive MOTA a lot this year with winter having been stretched out, it’s mud clearing attributes were a god send at numerous early season races.

James prefers to run the Morsa front and rear while Mick is a fan of the combo shown in the video.  For the UK Enduro champs at Innerleithen we’ll be running a combination of the Morsa and Martello.




Mick is running the Funn Black Ace carbon bars with a 315mm rise and 8º sweep . They come in a 785mm width, which his about perfect for an Enduro race bike. They are coupled with a 35mm Strippa EVO stem .

Mick has been a big fan of the Funn Python flat pedals but has recently been running the Ripper SPD pedal with Shimano style cleat – big platform and plenty of space to move your foot around on the body.

Rounding out the Funn parts are the Zipper chain device and bash guard along with saddle, bar ends and grips to make for a slick looking cockpit.


James and Louise are also running the Bergamont Straitline DH bike at various races across the UK along with the usual social media antics – so make you sure you give them a follow as they’ll be updating their feeds regularly with some parental advisory required occasionally!




Tommy Wilkinson

"I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve" - But I do love bikes.

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