About Descent-World Bicycle Club

Descent World was founded in 1996 by Jon Beckett, an Irish BMX rider with a lightning craic, no fucks given attitude and a penchant to mix thrasher music with sick riding in classic films. Jon took Scottish mountain biking, of the gravity kind, to new heights and exposure. Yes sometimes it was even indecent.

But it was true to life: The website was built around people, and that still rings true.

Descent World is now owned and run by filmmaker and photographer Tommy Wilkinson, a former racer who suffered a life changing injury after a horrific crash riding downhill. The fact that Tommy still rides, despite having a paralysed arm, is considered one of the best mtb tog’s out there and sits on muddy hills to document club races one week and shoots with stars of the sports the next week is a testament to his passion for this beautiful sport.

Somethings will always remain the same here at Descent-World: we refuse to accept the false idol that is the bike itself.

Without RAD riders, creative minds and artists, the bike industry stands for nothing more than golf does.

We celebrate these people that make up the scene, and we support brands that help us document that scene.

A man or woman rolling into the trail on an Apollo 3200 in ripped jeans with bar ends deserves as much respect as the rider in the parking lot bouncing on their 8k carbon sled. You run what you brung, and you ride the wheels of that thing.

It’s up to you and us, the riders and media together, to shape the culture and future of mountain biking.


Tommy Wilkinson

Ginger, loves fast things and refuses to stop at red lights when it's clear nothing is coming. No, his arm isn't broken. It's paralysed. As he say's having 3/4 of your limbs is better than 1/2.... Good luck finding him on social media too

Ian Linton

Around since, well, a while. Has seen more than you, had more photos published than you, and still chases KOM around the Tweed Valley. Doesn't mince his words. Legend.

Jon Beckett

The founder. Controls the skies above your heads. More crack than a notting hill nightclub.

Max Neely

Has a degree in Psychology, coaches at Descend Hamsterley, and has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the world of bikes. Handy at pub quiz too.